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Today In Indian History - Historical Events of India

DateEvent Name
10/01/1847 Annie Besant, famous philosopher and thesophist, was born in London.
10/01/1854 Postal stamp introduced in India. These lithographed stamps were of denominations of half anna and one anna. These stamps bore the Head of Queen Victoria with India at top and value at bottom. The half anna stamp was printed between May 5 to July 29 and printing of one anna stamp commenced on July 26.
10/01/1867 Dr. Hiralal, a distinguised historian, was born in Katni near Jabalpur. He compiled a descriptive catalogue of Sanskrit and Prakrit Manuscripts in the Central Provinces and was an honorary correspondent in Archaeology to the Government of India. He was also titled as "Rai Bahadur
10/01/1886 Baluchisthan became a part of India.
10/01/1887 Pandit Hridaynath Ajudhianath Kunzru, politician and social worker, was born at Agra.
10/01/1894 Sudhi Ranjan Das, Chief Justice of Supreme Court of India, was born in Calcutta.
10/01/1903 Sachindev Burman (S. D. Burman), famous film music director, was born.
10/01/1904 Ayillyath Kuttiari Gopalan Nambiar "A.K.Gopalan" was born in Cannanore district, north Kerala. He was a freedom fighter and leader of communist movement in Keral
10/01/1909 Gandhiji wrote to Tolstoy regarding Passive Resistance movement.
10/01/1919 Gajanan Digambar Madgulkar, famous Marathi poet and screenplay writer, was born.
10/01/1926 Balkanji Bari Institute established for the welfare of children.
10/01/1928 Shivaji Ganeshan, famous actor, was born.
10/01/1932 Indian Milatary Academy became functional with Brigadier LP Collins, DSO, OBE as the Commandant. The first course of 40 GCs had on its rolls Sam Manekshaw, Smith Dun and Mohd Musa, later to be Chiefs of the armies of their respective countries, i.e. India, Burma (now Myanmar) and Pakistan. This training was for a period of two and a half years.
10/01/1941 No. 3 Squadron, similarly Audax-equipped, was raised at Peshawar.
10/01/1949 'Marathi Rangbhumi' , a drama company, established.
10/01/1953 The first new state in India since 1949, Andhra Pradesh, is established on purely linguistic basis and formally inaugurated. This state was created by sub-dividing state of India, Madras Province and this movement was started by Shriramulu for which he had to sacrifice his life.
10/01/1958 Metric System of weights was introduced in India.
10/01/1959 Hon'ble Judge Bhuvaneshwar Prasad Sinha became the Chief Justice of India. He helded this office till 31/01/1964.
10/01/1967 Indian Tourist Development Corporation Limited established.
10/01/1978 In the Child Marriage Act, minimum age for marriage was raised to 21 year for males and 18 years for females.
10/01/1981 Activists of the Dal Khalsa, who masterminded the hijacking of Indian Airlines plane. arrested.
10/01/1990 Constitution's 75th amendment bill to extend President's rule in Punjab for another six months fails through the first stage in Lok Sabha for want of a simple majority.
10/01/1990 Justice Ranganath Mishra appointed Chief Justice of Supreme Court.
10/01/1990 Supreme Court stays implementation of Mandal Commission recommendations.
10/01/1991 India takes over the presidency of Security Council with Ambassador G.R. Gharekhan in the chair.
10/01/1992 Broadcasting of Zee TV started.
10/01/1993 The IAF joined in peace keeping duties in Somalia as part of the Indian contingent supporting UN operations.
10/01/1993 The two helicopters along with the first batch of fifteen personnel were ferried out in an AN-12 from Delhi to Mogadishu. The two helicopters were provided by 111 HU.
10/01/1993 Two more Election Commissioners appointed.
10/01/1995 Aditya Birla, famous industrialist, died.
10/01/1995 Hastimal Firodia, astrologer and industrialist, died.
10/01/1997 Bus with 70 people fell into a stream near Cuddappah.
10/01/1997 Ordinance promulgated to ban single digit or instant lotteries.
10/01/1997 Gul Mohammed (36), world's shortest man, died in New Delhi. Standing 56.16 cm tall, Mohammed entered the Guinness Book of World Records in 1992.
10/01/1997 Gerhard Fischer, social worker, nominated for Gandhi peace prize. The 76-year-old German "Ambassador of Humanity'' was unanimously chosen for his contribution for social, economic and political transformation through non-violence
10/01/1997 Parliamentarian and All-India Forward Bloc general secretary, Chitta Basu died during his journey by Howrah-bound Danaput Express from Patna. He was 72.
10/01/1998 Anxiety in stock market after UTI's US-64 scheme is reported to have paid dividend, eating out of its capital.
10/01/2000 Ram Vilas Paswan, Communications Minister, launched the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited having total functional autonomy.


Other Historical Dates and Events
04/22/1991IMF and the World Bank decide to grant $1 billion loan to India.
03/02/1963China reports troops have left disputed area in India.
11/26/1949Constitution of India was adopted
03/11/1984India's first modern boas `Jalusha' started from Vishakhapattanam.
04/27/1906China, as suzerain of Tibet, has agreed to the terms of a treaty proposed by Britain. According to the treaty, foreign powers may not send representatives to Tibet, receive transportation or mining concessions, or occupy, buy or lease any territory in Tibet without British permission. The British want to prevent the Russians from establishing a protectorate over Tibet, which lies on India's northern border. Lord Curzon, Viceroy of India, failed in attempts to communicate with Tibet's ruler, the Dalai Lama. A British military expedition fought its way to the capital at Lhasa and concluded the agreement.
01/20/1871Sir Ratanji Jamshedji Tata, famous Indian industrialist, was born.
03/08/1833Vishwanath Narayan Mandalik, famous journalist, writer and social reformer, was born.
01/25/1856Battle of Seattle; skirmish between settlers & Indians.
07/10/1927Ganga Ram, great social reformer and founder of Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi, died in England while functioning as an active member of the Royal Commission on Agriculture. He was against dowry and child marriages and advocated widow re-marriage and also established institutions for vocational education and education for adults.
03/27/1767Khanderao Holkar, one of the Generals in Peshwa kingdom, passed away.